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January ’24

How to Write a Killer CTA For Your Organic Blog Post

At, our expert SEO and copywriting teams that create organic content for our various owned media like GreenMatch UK, BoilerGuide UK and more. In this article, our content strategist Nick Geary spills the tea on creating a killer CTA for an organic blog post.

Crafting CTAs for organic blog posts requires a different approach than social media posts, where direct and mostly jarring calls to action are often employed. The triggers should be straightforward and urgent or non-disruptive and seamless – guiding the user to the next phase of their buying journey depending on the intent of the page and the type of audience attracted to it or it.

1. Strategic Placement: Avoid Jarring Transitions

Many blogs and websites fail to position their CTAs in the natural flow of the content, which can confuse or alienate readers. To ensure that your CTA resonates with a reader, it must come at a relevant point that makes sense within the broader context. It must complement the flow of logic and naturally guide the reader towards a desired action. Jarring transitions or abrupt and illogical CTA placements can disrupt this natural flow and do more harm than good. By understanding your audience and the specific goals of your blog post, you can tailor CTAs to meet their needs and guide them towards valuable actions.

2. Emotional Appeal: A CTA Should Strike The Right Chord

As individuals, our decision-making is often driven by emotions, even when we strive for rationality. To truly connect with your audience, identify and leverage the specific emotional triggers that resonate with them. When creating your Call to Action (CTA), address their challenges directly, sparking emotions like excitement and satisfaction. Incorporate language that emphasizes the potential benefits they stand to gain. Moreover, instil a sense of urgency by highlighting limited-time offers or exclusive opportunities, encouraging your readers to act promptly.

3. Empathy: Step Into The Reader’s Shoes

Effective CTAs resonate with your audience’s needs. To achieve this, step into their shoes, understanding their desires and concerns. Create a CTA that directly addresses their needs, fostering empathy and relatability. By offering actionable solutions, you transform curiosity into a potential customer.

Begin by mentally profiling your target audience. Ask yourself: What would I want to hear if I were in their position? What problems would I want to avoid? For example, if you’re writing an article on boiler repair advice, avoid assuming that your audience knows everything about boilers; refrain from using overly technical language.

Bridging the Gap: Mastering CTAs for Organic Blog Engagement

In the quick-fire world of social media, CTAs take center stage, vying for attention amidst a sea of content. To grab the fleeting attention of users with limited attention spans, social media often employs direct actions and sometimes jarring messaging to drive engagement and conversions. 

In contrast, organic blogs provide readers with a deeper dive into specific topics. CTAs in organic blog posts must navigate this nuanced environment, striking a delicate balance between guiding and engaging readers. They should not interrupt the narrative but rather seamlessly integrate into the flow of content, providing readers with a natural next step that aligns with their journey.

By understanding the intent of your blog post and the needs of your audience, you can transform these extensions of your content into powerful catalysts for conversion.

Embrace empathy, create emotionally resonant messages, employ strategic placement, and you’ll unlock the full potential of CTAs in your organic blog posts, propelling your content to new heights of success.

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