Case Study: Vivint Smart Home Security

How Generated 15,000 High-Quality Leads for Vivint Smart Home Security

We created a campaign for Vivint Smart Home with the goal of engaging their target audience and generating leads that are interested in a smart home security system with a professional monitoring service.

15K Qualitative Leads within 12 Months
14% Click-to-Lead Conversion
4.8M People Reached for Free*
Business Objective

Vivint’s goal was to find people interested in a customised smart home security package with a professional monitoring service. We created a quiz for people to find out if a smart home security system was something for them. Interested consumers left their details for Vivint to contact them and schedule an appointment with one of their specialists. We found more than 15,000 interested people in less than a year.

“The team has been fantastic to work with. Their meticulous approach to building custom Facebook campaigns has yielded economical acquisitions for Vivint’s partner marketing program. They went the extra mile by developing a Vivint branded landing page that features an interactive lead flow, which has proven to boost user intent. I’m excited about this partnership, and I’m confident that they’ll continue delivering quality results.”

Zac Bitsoi Affiliate Program Manager Vivint Smart Home

About the Client

Vivint Smart Home, Inc. is an American private smart home services provider in the United States and Canada. A Vivint Smart Home system protects you and your home from threats like burglars and fires. However, this system goes beyond that and offers to put your mind at ease with the ability to stay connected with your home and family no matter where you are.

Facebook Tactics

We used Facebook’s targeting options to segment the age group into specific ranges, which ensured that we were focusing on the user base most likely to convert. In this case, it was homeowners falling into the average age range of 30 to 45. We used unique incentives only available on the Facebook platforms to captivate the user base. This triggered consumers to take action within a few seconds propelling them to progress further down the funnel.

“At, we pride ourselves on creating qualitative marketing funnels to produce the highest quality leads for our clients. In this case, we used a custom-made quiz that qualified the leads as they progressed through the funnel. This resulted in the client having received users who were more likely to convert. This case was a positive indicator of our standards as a company and also ensured a long-term partnership with our clientele.”

Patrick Haring Marketing Strategy Manager

Key Results

We’ve created a concept that matches Vivint’s digital branding and can generate 100 leads a day on a structural basis. On top of that, we’ve reached the 5% minimum target for conversion from lead to sale.

Free Branding

Since we only charge per lead, Vivint didn’t have to pay for the 14 million impressions.

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