Case study

Meet Tim Roemer, the visionary founder and CEO at, guiding the company into the digital era since 1999 when lead generation meant paper lists and literal footwork. Launching his first website in September 2000, Tim aimed to connect businesses to customers under a ‘pay-per-lead’ model. Today,, a premier tech-enabled lead gen agency, boasts 267+ experts across 10 countries and is among the top players in Europe.

Forming key partnerships, including an impactful collaboration with Egeria — a leading investment company in The Netherlands and DACH region — Tim continues to strategically acquire premier brands like Green Match, Boiler Guide, and Household Quotes UK.

Evidenced by a best-in-class customer retention rate and a ‘no-black-box’ approach towards our services, Tim’s positive leadership style embodies big-picture thinking and transparency as a hallmark practice for our customers, investors, and employees alike. Partner with us at where innovation, transparency and operational excellence pave the path to growth.