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Case study

Introducing our Chief Information Officer, Sjoerd Knol,  who has been at the helm of a decade of technological evolution at Sjoerd oversees critical departments, including Product Development, Technical & IT teams, and Business Intelligence, shaping the very essence of our role as the world’s premier tech-enabled lead generation agency.

Sjoerd’s leadership philosophy mirrors the core values that define—tech-savvy, data-driven, pragmatism, and creative problem-solving. As CIO, he leads the charge on process optimization and efficiency initiatives. Sjoerd plays a central role in standardizing new ways of working, seamlessly integrating acquisitions, and maintaining control amid our lightning-speed expansion.

Having served in key positions, from Head of Campaign Management to Chief Process Officer, Sjoerd brings a wealth of experience and a deep understanding of our operational structures to the table. Leveraging his structured approach and with a strategic focus on scalability and data-driven decision making, Sjoerd’s teams optimize workflows, maximize resources, and drive organizational success.

As our Chief Information Officer, Sjoerd is at the forefront of steering into a future where precision meets pragmatism — defined by technological prowess, operational excellence, and sustained growth.