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Case study

Introducing Gary Watchorn, our Global Managing Director of Marketplaces at, with over 16 years of experience in online lead generation and digital marketing. Having previously served as Managing Director, Marketplaces and Director of Data Strategy at, Gary has held senior leadership roles at industry giants like MVF and TellUs BV.

Leveraging his structured approach and keen strategic sense, Gary’s teams help companies grow using a shared marketplace model — expertly guiding potential customers to our branded sites, differentiating through a dynamic mix of paid search, social, and organic marketing channels.

Under his leadership, our Marketplaces team connects clients with interested potential customers, offering lead delivery flexibility, and scaling inquiry volumes with business growth. Operating across Europe, with experienced teams in the UK, Denmark, and The Netherlands, Gary oversees various aspects from business development to tech.

Since joining in March 2022, Gary has bolstered the Marketplaces division’s growth by expanding into key European markets and launching five new lead generation platforms. His teams are building a future where businesses of all sizes seamlessly tap into a vast pool of qualified leads, effortlessly scale their inquiries, and achieve their growth goals through a unified ecosystem.

Gary moves the needle forward with a unique blend of data-driven decision making, industry knowledge, and an uncanny ability to spot emerging trends — making inroads in the industry landscape, one marketplace at a time.