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UK Boiler Care

October ’23

In the summer of 2017, UK Boiler Care embarked on a mission to transcend their local presence and establish themselves as a regional powerhouse within three years.

Thanks to the exceptional sales leads provided by Boiler Guide, UK Boiler Care not only accomplished their objective but also witnessed a threefold increase in boiler installations compared to 2017. To delve deeper into their journey with Boiler Guide, we spoke with Sean Whiting, the founder of UK Boiler Care.

“Based on our experience, Boiler Guide leads are unrivaled in quality.” Sean Whiting, the visionary behind UK Boiler Care, attests to their excellence.

Introducing UK Boiler Care

Established in 2007, UK Boiler Care is a reputable, family-owned business situated in Suffolk. Their range of services encompasses the installation and maintenance of domestic heating systems powered by natural gas, oil, and LPG. With a dedicated team of 17 professionals committed to top-notch workmanship, customer service, and comprehensive aftercare, UK Boiler Care’s reputation has continued to flourish.

Driven by their local triumphs, UK Boiler Care set their sights on expanding into a regional company in 2017. Achieving this objective necessitated partnering with a lead generation company capable of delivering high-quality leads ripe for conversion.

The Integration of Boiler Guide with

Boiler Guide has established itself as a trusted player in the heating and renewables market since its inception in 2006. Through their owned media such as,, and, Boiler Guide has earned the trust of thousands of independent, regional, and national installers in the industry.

In a significant development,, the world’s leading technology-driven lead generation agency, acquired Boiler Guide. This strategic acquisition aims to propel’s growth in the heating and renewables market. By integrating Boiler Guide’s bespoke back-end lead qualification and distribution platform, ‘Sherlock,’ into all marketplaces, the combined entity seeks to become the global leader in lead generation.

How Boiler Guide Assisted UK Boiler Care

“Our primary concern, then and now, is the level of lead qualification – ensuring that the leads are of top-notch quality and primed for conversion.”

UK Boiler Care had high expectations for qualified, high-quality leads from a lead generation company, and their experience with Boiler Guide quickly affirmed that they had made the right choice.

+ Expanded coverage area
+ Tripled the number of boiler installations
+ Transformed from a local company to a dominant regional player

Following their affiliation with Boiler Guide, UK Boiler Care’s operations now encompass Bedfordshire, parts of Buckinghamshire, Cambridgeshire, Essex, Hertfordshire, Suffolk, as well as North, North-West, and East London.

“Since joining forces in October 2017, UK Boiler Care has not only achieved their initial objective but has surpassed it: expanded coverage, tripled the number of boiler installations, and transformed from a local company to a dominant regional player.”

Sean Whiting UK Boiler Care

Discover a Vast Customer Base with Boiler Guide

As numerous companies, including UK Boiler Care, have discovered, our pay-as-you-go service represents the simplest and most potent approach to business growth.

With the freedom to purchase leads as and when required, and the assurance of zero additional fees, you can leverage our platform with utmost confidence:

+ Free registration
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Boiler Guide’s integration with marks an exciting chapter in their journey. As part of, Boiler Guide can leverage the resources and expertise of a fast-growing, technology-driven lead generation agency. This partnership enables Boiler Guide to further enhance their offerings and solidify their position as a leader in the heating and renewables market.

We extend our heartfelt appreciation to Sean Whiting at UK Boiler Care for his valuable insights and contributions to this article.

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