Case study

Geers Dobry Słuch

October ’23

We created a native and display advertising campaign for Geers Dobry Słuch with the objective to reach a new target audience and generate high-quality leads. Through tailored landing pages that were constantly tested and improved, our team was able to improve the overall conversion rates.

3M People reached for free
34K Qualitative leads within 12 months
55% Unique lead approval
About the Client

Geers Dobry Słuch has been providing hearing loss solutions for over 25 years, offering premium hearing aids to consumers. The high-quality content created for this campaign helped to generate a steady stream of qualified leads for follow-up.

Business Objective

The company was looking for people over 50 with hearing loss (or people having a loved one suffering from hearing loss) who were interested in getting a hearing exam in stores nationwide. Geers Dobry Słuch offered these people a chance to try a hearing aid for free. Their flagship model, the Phonak™ Marvel, was brought to the attention of the target audience by this campaign. Within a year, we found 33,600 high-quality leads.

Campaign strategy

We’ve targeted Polish people nationwide. People who showed interest in the offer could select a shop nearby to see if they qualified. After a call from the client’s call center to make the appointment, people could come to the shop and get their hearing checked and test one of the latest hearing aids for free.

The target audience was able to view and interact with the advertising materials that were set up by our highly committed teams. This enabled our client to broaden the scope and get in touch with Polish people over 50 with hearing loss.

“By constantly improving and testing our advertising materials we reached all-time high results while always maintaining premium quality leads.”

Native and Display Advertising Specialist –

“They have been running native campaigns for us since 2017. I can sincerely recommend them to companies which are looking for a partner who provides high quality services. It is a pleasure to work with them as well all of the employees are very engaged in taking care of their business partners. Thanks to the campaigns run by the team we have been able to increase our revenue year over year.”

Ewa Mikuła Marketing Manager – Geers Dobry Słuch
Free branding

While almost 3 million Polish people over 50 were reached, Geers Dobry Słuch only had to pay for the leads generated.

+ 3M people reached for free
+34K qualitative leads within 12 months
+ 55% unique lead approval

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