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Conscious Energy

September ’23

For Conscious Energy, the preservation of our planet’s future lies at the core of their mission. As a leading nationwide renewable energy specialist in the UK, Conscious Energy installs air source heat pumps, solar PV systems, and battery storage solutions across the country.

Since their establishment in 2019, they have experienced remarkable growth and success. However, when the COVID-19 pandemic struck, the Conscious Energy team faced the challenge of securing more projects. This is where Boiler Guide stepped in to provide vital support.

We had the opportunity to speak with Lee Dobson, Operations Director at Conscious Energy, about their experience with Boiler Guide leads, their response to the pandemic, and their vision for the future of home heating.

Introducing Lee Dobson and Conscious Energy

Lee Dobson, a former Barclays executive with a passion for the renewable energy market, joined Conscious Energy as Operations Director. In his time at the company, Lee made a significant impact, not only at Conscious Energy but also in driving the renewable energy sector forward.

Unveiling Conscious Energy

Conscious Energy is an environmentally-conscious company committed to shaping a greener future for the United Kingdom. Established in May 2019, their comprehensive services encompass lead generation, surveys, technical design, installation, and commissioning of renewable technologies. Additionally, they offer post-installation servicing and maintenance, ensuring ongoing customer satisfaction.

Boiler Guide’s Contribution to Conscious Energy’s Success

Conscious Energy turned to Boiler Guide amidst the challenges posed by the pandemic, seeking to augment their own lead generation efforts. Our qualified leads connect Conscious Energy with homeowners actively seeking quotes, thanks to the wealth of information gathered during the enquiry process. Lee Dobson affirms, “The detailed information provided by Boiler Guide significantly streamlines our operations by providing insights into customers’ requirements and how we can assist them.”

Not only have Boiler Guide’s leads proven beneficial for Conscious Energy’s business growth, but they have also alleviated the anxieties associated with building a company during a pandemic. Lee Dobson shares, “Boiler Guide leads have helped alleviate the anxiety that comes with establishing a new company, particularly in the midst of the pandemic, which has impacted us all.”

“I highly recommend partnering with Boiler Guide and look forward to further strengthening our collaboration.”

Lee Dobson Operations Director Conscious Energy

“The detailed information provided by Boiler Guide significantly streamlines our operations by providing insights into customers’ requirements and how we can assist them. Boiler Guide leads have helped alleviate the anxiety that comes with establishing a new company, particularly in the midst of the pandemic, which impacted us all.”

The Integration of Boiler Guide with

Boiler Guide has established itself as a trusted player in the heating and renewables market since its inception in 2006. Through their owned media such as,, and, Boiler Guide has earned the trust of thousands of independent, regional, and national installers in the industry.

In a significant development,, the world’s leading technology-driven lead generation agency, acquired Boiler Guide. This strategic acquisition aims to propel’s growth in the heating and renewables market. By integrating Boiler Guide’s bespoke back-end lead qualification and distribution platform, ‘Sherlock,’ into all marketplaces, the combined entity seeks to become the global leader in lead generation.

Boiler Guide’s Impact on Conscious Energy’s Journey

Since partnering with Boiler Guide, Lee Dobson has been thoroughly impressed with our service on multiple fronts:



Consistent Work Opportunities: Whether supporting their in-house lead generation efforts or providing a continuous stream of jobs, Boiler Guide ensures a constant supply of work. Lee Dobson emphasizes, “We have achieved remarkable success through the leads we have purchased from Boiler Guide, maintaining a healthy pipeline of work alongside our other lead sources.”



Comprehensive Lead Details: Each lead provided by Boiler Guide is meticulously qualified or telephone-verified, providing abundant information about customers’ specific requirements. This attention to detail empowers Conscious Energy to assess and prepare before engaging with potential customers. “The wealth of information gathered by Boiler Guide significantly simplifies our operations by granting us a comprehensive understanding of customers’ needs and how we can cater to them,” says Lee Dobson.



Supportive Team: Boiler Guide’s dedicated team of Account Managers has been instrumental in providing assistance whenever required, forging a strong working relationship with Conscious Energy. “We have found the Boiler Guide team to be friendly and supportive, addressing any challenges we encounter. Our collaboration continues to strengthen,” affirms Lee Dobson.



Financing Options: Through Boiler Guide’s platform, installers can offer finance options to customers, enabling them to spread the cost of renewable technology or heating systems through personal loans. Lee Dobson believes that financing plays a crucial role in encouraging homeowners to embrace renewables, stating, “The finance feature represents a significant step towards promoting the net-zero agenda to the public, making the transition to a renewable future affordable for all.”



Commitment to Improvement: Boiler Guide consistently seeks feedback and strives to enhance its services to best support its customers’ businesses. This dedication to continuous improvement has not gone unnoticed by Lee Dobson: “Boiler Guide is a collaborative lead generation company that demonstrates a deep understanding of our industry. They are receptive to feedback and continually seek ways to enhance their offerings.”

Anticipating the Future of Home Heating

Given Conscious Energy’s commitment to the future of heating, we asked Lee Dobson for his thoughts on achieving net-zero targets. He emphasizes that while there is a demand for renewables, the UK must invest more in expanding the installation workforce to meet that demand. “We are continuously working to grow our team’s expertise and knowledge in this industry, hoping to see other companies follow suit so that we can collectively meet the net-zero targets. While progress is being made, the pace at which it is happening is a concern,” expresses Lee Dobson.

In an effort to expedite the transition to renewables, the government launched the Green Homes Grant scheme in 2020, aiming to improve the energy efficiency of 600,000 homes through grants for renewable technology and insulation. Although the scheme faced challenges and ended earlier than planned, Lee Dobson acknowledges its positive impact on raising awareness among consumers. “Consumers are now more conscious of the environmental impact and are increasingly motivated to make these changes. It’s truly exciting and encouraging to witness this shift,” he concludes.

We extend our gratitude to Lee Dobson and the entire Conscious Energy team for their valuable contributions to this article.

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