Case study


September ‘23

Our initial goal with BathWraps was to attract individuals interested in our client’s unique offering: fast, reliable tub-to-shower transformations. We employed highly targeted campaigns, tailored landing pages, and creative ads to encourage consumers to share their information in exchange for discounts or an interest-free, no-payment option upon purchase.

69K Qualitative leads within 18 months
8% Click-to-lead conversion
58M People reached for free
Business Objective

BathWraps’ goal was to identify homeowners seeking a safer and more convenient bathing option. Customers had the choice of a significant discount or the option to pay interest-free until 2022.

Prospective leads provided their information to be contacted by BathWraps to schedule a free appointment. BathWraps, as the manufacturer, connected their customers with an authorized dealer in their area. Our strategies assisted BathWraps in customer acquisition.

Working with the team has been a fantastic partnership. We have had a lot of success with their lead generation efforts. They consistently optimize and improve the results with new campaigns and new creative executions. We continue to grow our partnership because of their efforts.

Representative BathWraps
Campaign Strategy

We used tailor-made Facebook ads to showcase quick and easy tub-to-shower transformations. We targeted multiple U.S. cities where our partner has contractors, maintaining ongoing communication to ensure up-to-date targeting for valuable leads.

Key Results

Our strategies, creative approaches, and proprietary technology reached BathWraps’ target audience. Our lead acquisition funnels delivered high click-to-lead conversions, resulting in a successful campaign.

Extra Exposure

Charging only per lead, we offered cost-effective and measurable results. BathWraps also gained extra exposure at no extra cost. Through targeted ads, creative strategies, and trade tricks, we attracted numerous potential customers, ultimately reaching 58.4 million people for free during the campaign.

About Our Client

BathWraps is an industry leader in bathroom transformations and operates as a wholly-owned subsidiary of Jacuzzi. Their extensive manufacturing experience positions them among the fastest in the industry. 

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