Instagram Reels

October ’23

Given that Instagram has sustained impressive popularity as a global social media favorite, it comes as no surprise that it also hosts a cohort of tools and features that businesses can leverage to build an audience, generate leads, and drive traffic to their own websites.

Instagram Reels

One such feature unveiled in 2020 by Facebook, was Instagram Reels.

This relatively new content format enables individuals and businesses to share short and snappy 30-second videos with their following in a whole new approach to communication on the platform. As part of this release, the platform also allows businesses to post Reels Ads.


As a proud Official Facebook Partner since 2018, has been one of the very first lead-generation agencies that leveraged Facebook advertising to generate solid leads for high-profile clients. Our tech-driven journey has seen us grasp opportunities such as lead ads, audience networks, and the incorporation of Instagram as an advertising channel shortly following its acquisition by Facebook.

Early Adopter

As an early adopter, we’ve also spent dedicated time testing these exciting new features that brands can employ to their benefit, and we’re happy to share some of our thoughts!

What are Instagram Reels Ads?

Firstly, Instagram’s hyper-popular Reels were enriched with engagement statistics to give a deeper insight into your audience. More recently, Reels Ads were launched, a great way for people to discover new content.


As with regular reels content, these ad reels loop and can be up to 30 seconds long. These do differ from Story Ads, which are only 15 seconds long. Reel ads also allow for you to provide a post description at the bottom of the ad. Another advantage of this content is that users can like, view, save, and share Reels Ads, further contributing to the exposure and reach of an ad.

Reels Ads appear in your regular feed, but also in several other tabs, such as Stories and the Reels tab. Your content can also be viewed in the Explore tab, which encourages people outside of your audience to engage with your content.

“Reels is the best place on Instagram to reach people who don’t follow you and a growing global stage where brands and creators can be discovered by anyone. These ads will help businesses reach greater audiences, allowing people to discover inspiring new content from brands and creators.”

Representative Instagram

The bottom line

At, we continue to create video content for our clients, including experimenting with Reels Ads as an avenue for generating leads. Since its launch in 2020, Reels Ads have demonstrated a high potential for value in lead generation, as well as sustaining popularity amongst Instagram users as a highly engaging content format. As an official Facebook Business Partner, and a first mover in testing new features, we’re excited to continue exploring Reels Ads as a new feature with endless possibilities for customer acquisition campaigns!

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