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Cracking the Code: What’s it Like For Women in Tech?

Women’s representation in the tech industry has improved since the early 2000s, rising from a mere 9% to 19% in Europe, 23% in the US, and 35% worldwide. However, significant gender disparities persist, with only 8-9% of women occupying managerial positions (, 2024). A lack of role models, societal stereotypes, and the misconception that tech careers are solely coding-based all serve as barriers to entry.

Despite these challenges, the tech industry needs diverse skill sets. To highlight these opportunities, we spoke with four remarkable women from our tech team: Karoline Roubin, our Product Owner; Zahra Maleki, a Scrum Master; Caroline Jeffra, our CMS Developer; and Navneet Saini, another experienced Scrum Master. These women share their stories, debunk myths about female tech careers, and offer practical advice for willing aspirants.

Defying Norms From the Homefront

Caroline Jeffra, our CMS Developer, credits her mom for shaping her path. “Growing up, chores weren’t divided by gender in our house,” she explains. “My mom, a single parent who tackled everything from car repairs to furniture building, showed me that there weren’t any jobs I couldn’t do.” Similarly, Karoline Roubin, our Product Owner, speaks of her mother’s influence. She describes her mom as a “go-getter” who instilled a strong sense of independence in her.

Why Don’t More Women Pursue Tech Careers? Early Influences and Missed Opportunities

“Tech was always presented as this serious, complicated world filled with guys who knew everything about code. It never seemed approachable or fun,” says Caroline. For Karoline, “tech was always portrayed as something difficult and boring. It just never seemed like something I would enjoy doing.”

Witnessing a Shift: A More Diverse and Inclusive Tech Landscape

Thankfully, things are changing. Navneet Saini, a Scrum Master with over 13 years of experience, has observed this positive evolution. “At one company I previously worked for, the leadership team was initially just men,” Navneet recalls. “But over time, I’ve seen a real shift towards diversity. Now, they even have a female CEO who actively promotes women in tech.”

Tech Myth: Just Coding?

The image of lines of code cascading down the screen is a persistent misconception about the tech world. Our Scrum Master Navneet Saini’s tech journey began in data warehousing and SAP integration, far from the realm of writing code. Now, she thrives in a different role, guiding teams and ensuring projects run smoothly. “Being a Scrum Master is all about project management,” Navneet explains. “I help teams function at their best, ensuring everyone is on the same page and working towards a common goal.”

Beyond Expertise: What Challenges Do Women Face in Tech?

Battling Imposter Syndrome

Both Karoline and Zahra have grappled with imposter syndrome, a feeling of self-doubt prevalent among women in tech. “Coming from a background where tech was seen as a ‘man’s world,’” explains Karoline, “it’s easy to feel like an outsider, even when you’re qualified and successful. The constant pressure to prove yourself can be exhausting.” Zahra echoes this sentiment, “Being a minority in the field can make that little voice in your head very loud. It takes a lot of effort to silence those doubts and trust in your abilities.”

Navigating Cliches

Another hurdle is the societal expectation that women may be expected to shoulder a larger burden of family responsibilities. Navneet sheds light on this with a personal anecdote. “After I had a child at a previous organization,” Navneet shares, “I felt I was passed over for a promotion I deserved. While it was never explicitly stated, I couldn’t help but wonder if my maternity leave played a role. It’s incredibly frustrating to feel like you have to choose between motherhood and career advancement.”

What Drives Them?


Caroline, transitioning from archaeology, thrives on the faster pace of tech. “The life cycles are a lot shorter,” she says. “You can try out your problem-solving approaches quickly and see the results of your work much faster. It’s like solving a puzzle and seeing the solution come to life right away, which is incredibly motivating.”


Zahra, a Scrum Master, is energized by the human connection. “I’m a people person,” she shares. “The most fulfilling part is seeing people from different backgrounds and skill sets work better together. It’s like a well-oiled machine when everyone contributes their strengths and communicates effectively to achieve a common goal.”


Karoline finds purpose in sparking new ideas. “I feel like I can bring in perspectives that haven’t been thought of before,” she explains. “Tech is constantly evolving, and that allows me to learn and contribute fresh ideas. It’s inspiring to be part of a team that pushes boundaries and creates innovative solutions.”

Making a Difference

Navneet finds satisfaction in helping others. “Imagine helping to develop a product that improves people’s lives or streamlines a process – that’s the kind of positive impact a career in tech can offer.”

What Words of Wisdom Do They Share with the Next Generation?

Our accomplished women in tech offer invaluable advice for those considering this exciting field:

Embrace the Fast Pace

“Tech is a field that’s constantly evolving. Enjoy the changes and innovation,” says Navneet. “There’s always something new to learn, which keeps things exciting. Be prepared to embrace change and see challenges as opportunities to grow.”

Confidence is Key

Zahra emphasizes the importance of self-belief. “Believe in yourself and don’t let stereotypes hold you back,” she stresses. “The tech industry needs diverse perspectives and talented individuals, regardless of background. There’s a place for you at the table, so have the confidence to claim your seat.”

Continuous Learning

“A career in tech means a career of learning,” Caroline says. “The easiest way to learn is to figure out what parts you find interesting. Just chase them and you’ll learn so much useful stuff along the way. Don’t be discouraged if you don’t know everything at the start. Focus on what excites you, and the learning will follow naturally.”

Just Do It

Karoline encourages taking a proactive approach. “I think just do it,” she advises. “Don’t be intimidated by the tech industry. It might seem like you need to be a super nerd, but that’s not true. There are so many different roles available. Find something that interests you, start small, and build your knowledge step-by-step. Eventually, you’ll see the bigger picture and how your skills fit in.”




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